A Little More Good Podcast (Ep. 76): The Carnivore Diet, Paleo, Veganism, and Debunking Wellness Trends

Dr. Matthew NagraPodcasts

In my second appearance on the A Little More Good podcast, we dive into the latest diet and wellness trends, including the carnivore diet where I debunk several of the claims its proponents often make. In addition, I provide you with some tools to help identify when you’re being duped by misinformation and suggest some great resources you can use to further sharpen your skills when it comes to evaluating nutrition and health claims.

Topics include:

  • The carnivore diet
  • Ancestral eating
  • The paleo diet
  • Animal vs. plant protein
  • Biases in health messaging
  • Red flags in health claims
  • High quality nutrition resources
  • And more!

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