Debate: Does LDL-Cholesterol Cause Cardiovascular Disease?

Dr. Matthew NagraArticles, Podcasts

This debate came about as Scott (my opponent) commented on a previous debate of mine, challenging me to debate someone who knows what they’re talking about (presumably himself). Of course, I took him up on the offer to debate the relationship between LDL, saturated fat, and cardiovascular disease.

Scott’s position:

  1. LDL is only associated with poor health outcomes in certain contexts and is not itself problematic.
  2. Not only is saturated fat not harmful, but healthful.

My position:

  1. LDL is a causal risk factor for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
  2. Saturated fat increases risk as intake crosses the threshold of 10% of total calories.

Prior to this debate, we agreed to let each other finish their arguments without interruption and agreed to share our research ahead of time (an agreement that Scott broke during the debate).

Please comment on the video and let me know if you learn anything from the debate. I always love to hear from you.