Debate: Does Red Meat Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Disease?

Dr. Matthew NagraArticles, Podcasts

I sat down with Nurse Doza to debate the topic of red meat and cardiovascular health. The agreed upon topic of the discussion was: Does red meat increase risk of cardiovascular disease and/or all-cause mortality, and do alternative production methods (eg. pasture-raised, organic, etc.) result in products that do not carry risk?

I hold the position that red meat increases risk and we have no good reason to believe that alternative production methods completely eliminate that risk, while Doza believes that pasture-raised meat does not carry any risk.

Unfortunately the discussion did get side tracked into a discussion of cardiovascular biomarkers, which is relevant to red meat consumption, but may not be what you were hoping to see in the debate. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the discussion and learn something about how to analyze and interpret nutrition research.