DEBATE: Dr. Matthew Nagra (vegan) vs. Dr. Anthony Chaffee (carnivore)

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I recently sat down for a friendly debate with Dr. Anthony Chaffee, a prominent proponent of a carnivore diet and host of “The Plant Free MD” podcast. The debate was moderated by Lauren Knight Hughes, who also consumes an animal-based diet.


In this 2.5 hour debate, we cover a wide range of topics related to our contrasting nutrition views, including the following:

0:00 – Introduction

4:45 – Opening statements/what are we designed to eat?

16:50 – Are vegetables beneficial? (UK Biobank study)

23:22 – The Harvard Carnivore Diet Study

25:00 – Meat vs. plant protein

26:54 – Do wild/zoo animals develop chronic diseases?

37:10 – Can you get adequate nutrition from a plant-only diet?

47:15 – Thought experiment: Does the need to supplement make a diet less healthy?

1:03:40 – Do we need to consume vitamin K2?

1:05:30 – Do we convert enough carotenoids into vitamin A (retinol)?

1:16:40 – Is a vegan or carnivore diet accessible to everyone?

1:18:50 – Did the agricultural revolution lead to lower stature and brain size?

1:20:38 – Are plants trying to kill us?

1:25:48 – Animal vs. plant protein

1:31:45 – Does meat promote longevity?

1:36:06 – Are plant toxins a concern in the food we eat?

1:57:23 – Comparison of the growth/health between a plant-based and animal-based tribe.

2:08:50 – Do populations eating a “traditional diet” get atherosclerosis?

2:24:08 – Closing statements


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