Plant Fueled Podcast: Episode 3 – Staying Up To Date On Nutrition Research

Dr. Matthew NagraPodcasts

Doctor-to-be, Cassie Warbeck, recently launched her own podcast, the Plant Fueled Podcast, and I am honoured to be one of her first guests! In this episode we discuss a host of nutrition topics and discuss how I go about staying on top of the latest research as it is released. If you’d like to know my methods and hear about all the topics listed below, please listen here.

Topics discussed:

  • The difference between a naturopathic doctor and a conventional medical doctor
  • How he integrates plant-based nutrition into his practice
  • His strategy for staying up to date with all the latest research
  • Dairy and bone fracture risk
  • Whether we need a direct source of K2 in our diets
  • Is a calcium supplement helpful for preventing osteoporosis
  • If casomorphins in cheese are addicting
  • The effect of oil on arterial function
  • Oils and disease risk
  • Whether a plant-based diet can reverse arterial plaque build-up
  • If higher omega 3 intake helps reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Who might benefit from DHA/EPA supplementation
  • Special nutrition recommendations for athletes

Listen to the Plant Fueled Podcast here