The Allsorts Podcast Episode 2: Everything You Need To Know About Soy!

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In this podcast, I sat down with a Vancouver-based colleague and friend, Desiree Nielsen RD, to talk about all things soy! This is a topic I have discussed at length in the past and will continue to discuss until the day that I no longer hear claims like “soy causes man boobs” and “soy causes cancer” (I might be at this for a while).

In this particular episode we discuss the following:

  1.  My own health journey, including how I went from eating McDonald’s to eating a whole food, plant-based diet.
  2. My path to becoming a naturopathic doctor.
  3. What the heck a phytoestrogen actually is and why it’s different than your body’s estrogen.
  4. The science-based health benefits of soy foods.
  5. Why animal studies make for confusing dietary advice.
  6. Soy’s connection to breast cancer and other cancers.
  7. How soy affects hormone balance in men.
  8. Soy protein quality of soy, and how it stacks up to whey protein in the research.
  9. Can you build muscle on soy foods?
  10. The problematic nature of internet nutrition advice and why not all health professionals are actually evidence-informed.
  11. How much soy you can safely eat in a day.
  12. Whether or not soy milk is safe for kids.
  13. Do you need to worry about GMOs?
  14. What about lectins?
  15. The truth about nutrition books that might surprise you, and my work on Simon Hill’s new book, The Proof is in the Plants.

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