The Plant Proof Podcast Episode #133: Protein Truths!

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In Episode #133 of the Plant Proof Podcast, Simon Hill and I tackle the almighty protein topic! You know, the nutrient we are all fascinated by.
What is protein? How much do we need? What’s the difference between animal and plant protein? The best types of protein for good health? How do we optimize protein intake for promoting lean muscle and strength?
We cover all of this and more – all through an evidence-based lens. Not what random folks are saying at the gym or online in the comments section. But what the highest quality science says.
Specifically we cover:
  • What protein is
  • How much protein we need
  • How much protein the average omnivore and vegetarian/vegan consumes
  • Incomplete versus complete protein – how people are incorrectly using these terms
  • Protein quality – how scoring systems work
  • The difference between animal and plant protein when it comes to quality – and what this means for your food selection
  • Animal versus plant protein and health outcomes
  • Is soy protein safe? (e.g tempeh, tofu and soy milk)
  • Best protein swaps you could consider making today
  • Animal versus plant protein and performance outcomes (e.g lean muscle and strength)
  • Optimizing protein intake for performance
  • Take home messages

I hope you enjoy and learn something from this episode. Please let Simon and I know what you thought of it and share it with your friends and family to listen to as well.

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