The Plant Proof Podcast (Episode 197): Soy foods, hormones, and cancer

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In this episode of The Plant Proof Podcast, I joined Simon Hill to discuss the research on soy and whether or not it impacts our hormones and cancer risk. There are very few nutrition topics that are as widely debated as this one, and I am constantly inundated with questions from social media followers and patients of mine about whether or not soy is safe to eat, so I hope this episode helps bring some clarity.

I first appeared on the show for Episode #113, where I discussed more broadly how I use evidence-based nutrition in my practice to help my patients thrive, and I returned to the podcast for Episode #133 where I specifically helped tackle the topic of protein.

In this episode, I’ll break down why soy is unique amongst the legume family, what phytoestrogens are, and how they may impact our health.

Topics include:

  • What soy is
  • Its history and consumption across different demographics
  • What phytoestrogens are
  • The effects of isoflavone consumption on hormones in men and women
  • Soy and prostate cancer risk
  • Processing of soy products
  • Whether we should be choosing soy milk over dairy milk
  • Soy and breast cancer risk
  • Potential effects of soy formula on female infants
  • Where the health guidelines land with soy
  • Soy and menopausal symptoms
  • Goitrogen concerns
  • Claims about the harms of soy
  • Food swaps for health
  • And much more.

You can listen here. Enjoy!