The Proof with Simon Hill (Ep. #286): Are Lectins Toxic?

Dr. Matthew NagraPlant-based Diet, Podcasts

In this episode of The Proof with Simon Hill, both Alan Flanagan PhD and I joined Simon to dive deep into the topic of lectins to ultimately answer the question: are lectins toxic? This has become quite the topic of discussion in the online nutrition space over the past decade and is often cited by carnivore diet proponents as a reason to avoid consuming many plant foods, such as legumes, so we hope that his episode helps clear the air.

Topics include:

  • What are lectins?
  • A critical examination of Dr. Gundry’s (author of ‘The Plant Paradox’) claims.
  • Do lectins trigger “leaky gut”?
  • Do lectins cause inflammation?
  • Can lectins trigger autoimmune conditions?
  • Does consuming lectins lead to fat gain?
  • An examination of the research Dr. Gundry cites for his ‘Lectin Shield’ supplement.
  • What is the net effect of consuming lectin-rich foods (eg. legumes) on our health?

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