The Proof with Simon Hill (Episode #268): The Biggest Myths in Nutrition

Dr. Matthew NagraHeart Disease, Oil, Plant-based Diet, Podcasts

I’m pleased to bring you my 6th appearance on The Proof with Simon Hill (formerly ‘The Plant Proof Podcast’). In this episode, we spend 2 hours diving into the most prominent nutrition myths you’ll come across online and in the media.

Topics include:

  • Are pesticides found in fruits and vegetables toxic to humans?
  • Does unprocessed red meat increase cancer and cardiovascular disease risk?
  • Are food frequency questionnaires (FFQs) reliable in nutritional research?
  • Which oils are the healthiest?
  • Do phytates and oxalates rob our bodies of minerals?
  • Are all ultraprocessed foods unhealthy?
  • Is a ketogenic diet the ideal diet for treating type 2 diabetes?
  • Is a low-fat, vegan diet the true optimal diet for humans?
  • Should everyone avoid gluten?
  • Do lectins cause leaky gut?
  • And much more!

You can watch the full episode on YouTube or listen to the audio-only versions on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.