The Proof With Simon Hill (Episode #318): Protein and Longevity

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In this episode of The Proof with Simon Hill, Simon delves deep into a recent study on the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study cohort, which looked at protein intake and healthy aging amongst nearly 50,000 women. For those who are interested, I have also previously reviewed this study (twice!) and you can watch my short videos on it here and here.

The researchers evaluated how protein from various sources (animal, dairy, and plant) could impact age-related conditions, which spurred a fair bit of discussion a month ago, particularly when Layne Norton, PhD, presented the findings to his audience on social media. However, Simon took issue with some of the claims Layne had made, and some of the important findings he may have overlooked, so he dedicated a full episode to a deep dive into the study. I also joined him for a short discussion of why it’s important to consider overall diet quality when trying to isolate the impacts of protein, and how the researchers went about doing so.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to Protein and Longevity (00:00)
  • Study Overview and Methodology (01:24)
  • Key Findings on Protein Sources (05:33)
  • Lane Norton’s Review and Critique (06:38)
  • My Segment Discussing the Importance of Diet Quality (07:54)
  • Analysis of Different Protein Types (10:02)
  • Practical Recommendations for Protein Intake (18:47)
  • Conclusion and Final Thoughts (22:09)

Watch the full video here:

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