The YOU4IA Health Podcast: Keto vs. Plant-Based for Weight Loss

Dr. Matthew NagraPodcasts

In episode 96 of Matt Sipala’s YOU4IA podcast, I discuss the topic of ketogenic diets and how they compare to other dietary strategies, including plant-based diets, for weight loss and other health outcomes. In addition, we dive into potential risks of certain iterations of the ketogenic diet, and how a keto diet can be done in a more healthful way.

The discussion includes:

  • Saturated fat consumption and relevant risks with the global leading cause of death, cardiovascular disease.

  • The ketogenic diet, including how the implementation of a typical keto diet differs from the clinical keto diet.

  • Why someone would choose to adopt a keto diet.

  • Why a keto diet can help manage blood sugar values in type 2 diabetes and how that strategy compares or other dietary interventions.

  • Ketogenic dietary patterns vs plant based dietary patterns in relation to weight loss.

  • Practicality and adherence of the keto diet verses a plant-based model.

The episode can be found on the YOU4IA Health website or on Spotify below. I hope you enjoy it and please tag us on social media to let us know what you thought!